$30.00 - $45.00 hourly
  • Timberscapes Inc.
  • Georgina, ON, Canada
  • Sep 30, 2022
Full time Arborist Crew Leader

Job Description

Considering relocating? Georgina is a great place to work, live and raise a family. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe, only one hour north of Toronto.

ABOUT Timberscapes Inc...

We’re a young, growing company. We like to have fun. Ever wish you could spend your days monkeying around in the trees or digging in the sand box.

It’s become a cliché, but let’s be real: A job only feels like a job if it’s boring. So, we do cool shi*. Post-work barbeques are mandatory. Having fun is just as important as getting the job done right.

We’re a top tier Arborist company able to complete any size tree job and we are looking for cool people to join our team. You want in?

****OUR VALUES: We have 3 core values: Fun, Quality, and Community.

FUN: No one likes working with someone who’s in a bad mood. Right? We take pride in our work while making sure everyone has freedom to joke around.

QUALITY: When we leave a job site we look back at our work with pride. Clients always comment on our quality of work.

COMMUNITY: Clients and coworkers all want to work with hardworking and kind people. We only hire people who we know will be a good fit for our company culture.



DZ Licence or higher with clean driving record. No accidents or speeding tickets in past five years.

  • 5 plus years in Arborist role, handle the big trees with ease.
  • 1 year Leadership position on arborist crew. Lead the crew on the hottest days without breaking a sweat. Your past teams have loved and respected you. You genuinely connect with clients and crew members, good at hyping up the crew when things go well and you keep them calm when sh*t hits the fan. Be the leader the crews are not afraid to ask questions to.
  • Moderately skilled in computers, smart phone, iPad and social media. You're probably a millennial so you should get this.
  • Clean cut and well spoken. Not going to scare off the little old ladies.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Does that mustard stain on that guy’s shirt bother you? Good, you’re probably hypersensitive to small details and that’s okay, we need that. A good foreman has eagle eyes that see the pruners that someone left under the patio table.

PROBLEM SOLVING: When an issue pops up do you freak out? Or do you think of it like a challenging puzzle? Whether it be a breakdown in equipment, communication or the weather takes a turn for the worst; you systematically figure it out.

ORGANIZATION: You never forget to complete the checklists that you are responsible for.


You’re leading a Arborist crew. But you’re doing it right. You’re making sure that the daily and weekly checklists are always done. You’re able to organize a productive team and eliminate down-time. In the morning you might get to work a little bit early to make sure that we have all the supplies and equipment that we need for the day. If you think that we might need some more equipment or materials you figure out how to get them. From the roof of the crane you're able to see the whole site and keep everyone on track, like a conductor at the orchestra.

Clients feel comfortable and informed when you meet with them. If you notice something needs to be done, you sell the client on it and write up a change order. You’re responsible for training employees on safety protocol and walking them through their initial orientation. But you’re also eager to grow and learn too. So you get additional education and we pay for it. You’re just as skilled at running the crane as you are at leading the crew.


A leadership role in a high-quality, growing company.

Freedom to offer feedback on a weekly basis to your supervisors and to be heard.

A flexible work environment (you need to pick up the kids at 4:00 one day? We can work something out).

Money for personal equipment.

A competitive pay-cheque.

$500 bonus to sign on (you get this after 3 months)

Do you want to work with your friend? Refer them to work for our company and receive a $100 a month bonus for as long as they stay that season).

A few months off in the winter is how we like it. Not for you, no problem there’s always lots to do.

Company uniforms (our jackets are sweet) .

An energetic work environment.


Submit your resume through Indeed or go to our hiring page on our website. We will call you, shoot you a text or send you an email to schedule an interview. We have 3 stages to our interview: First, we have a 5–15-minute chat on the phone. Second, we dig deeper in a 30-minute phone call. Finally, we sit down for a coffee or beer for a final interview. Look forward to hearing from you!