Ground worker/ Arborist Assistant

$18.00 - $22.00 hourly
  • Heritage Tree Care Inc
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Aug 11, 2022
Full time Arborist Apprentice Grounds worker

Job Description



  1. The initial job title of the Employee will be: Ground Person


The initial job duties the Employee will be expected to perform will be the following:


General Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


●        Arrive for work on time with a professional appearance and a positive attitude


●        Perform physically demanding manual labor in all manner of weather conditions


●        Perform ground support operations such as, but not limited to, rigging, cutting, brush management and chipping, equipment organization and maintenance


●        Help create and maintain a positive atmosphere and productive team environment


●        Be open to giving and receiving feedback from co-workers and management


●        Be familiar with ISA and Ontario Arborist Safe Work Practices, and adhere to them throughout all aspects of aerial tree care operations


●        Safely operate and maintain chainsaws, chippers, stump grinders, mini skid steer and other equipment as needed


●        Perform meticulous worksite cleanup at every property, every time!


●        Read HTC Inc company Policies & Procedures Manual and agree to uphold it


●        Possess a valid G license with a clean abstract, and verifiable experience driving large vehicles/trucks


●        Possess current CPR level C and First Aid certification, as well as up-to-date Working at Heights certification


●        Firmly adhere to our company code of ethics


●        Carefully follow work order specifications and ensure client satisfaction


●        Participate in a pre-work risk assessment and safety tailgates on provided tablet on every job site


●        Be unequivocally available for emergency storm response; be available for 4 weekends of work per year


●        Embody and practice leadership, communication, motivation, ambition, and serious work ethic


●        Agree to use personal devices for work-related communications, including check-ins with management, clocking in and out, participating in company WhatsApp group, receiving new work directives, etc.


●        Be familiar with the daily and accurate use of Jobber, our field management software, in order to:



1.       Review jobber tasks daily

2.       Clock in and out of Jobber every day, maintaining accurate records of hours worked

3.       Notify management immediately if recorded hours must be adjusted

2.       The Employee agrees to be employed on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. The Employee agrees to be subject to the general supervision, advice, and direction of the Employer.

3.       The Employee will perform any duties as requested by the Employer that are reasonable and that are customarily performed by a person holding a similar position in the industry or business of the Employer.

4.       The Employer may make changes to the job title or duties of the Employee where the changes would be considered reasonable for a similar position in the industry or business of the Employer. The Employee’s job title or duties may be changed by agreement with the approval of both the Employee and the Employer. Or after a notice period required under the law.

5.       The Employee agrees to abide by the Employer’s rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, including those concerning work schedules, vacation and sick leave, as they may from time to time be adopted or modified.








  1. The Employee’s primary place of work for the start and end of the day will be at the yard at 50 Alma.


  1. The Employee will, on receiving reasonable notice from the Employer, work additional hours, and/or hours outside of the Employee’s Normal Hours of Work as deemed necessary by the Employer to meet the business needs of the Employer. Except: In the event of Storm damage when the whole crew should be available. 4 Saturdays at minimum are expected per year.
  2. The employee will be expected to work from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday-Thursday. The employee will be entitled to all legally required breaks throughout the day.


  1. The Employee will be entitled to 4% of their salary as vacation paid which will be paid with each pay cheque.
  2. The times and dates for any vacation days will be determined by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Employee well in advance.


  1. The Employee agrees to devote full time efforts, as an employee of the Employer, to the employment duties and obligations as described in this agreement. Which means, not dealing with life issues during work hours, running personal errands, pursuing private business ventures, etc.
  2. All tasks and functions must be done in an efficient and time-sensitive way.


  1. Each employee must have read and had a full understanding of The Arborist Safe Work Practices and the HTC Policies and Procedures Manual which contains:


                -HTC Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.

                -The HTC safe Operations Protocol.