Safe Tree Ltd

  • 2795 Moyer Street, Fenwick, ON, Canada

Our team at Safe Tree is always looking for highly motivated, hard-working, safety conscious individuals.  At Safe Tree, safety just isn’t in our name, it’s our way of life. In an industry that’s physically challenging and unpredictable you have to be a special kind of person to work for us. 

Safe Tree Ltd. is a full-service tree care company serving both Niagara & Hamilton Regions. We offer competitive wages, including a full employee benefit program.  At Safe Tree we value innovation and are always looking for fresh, passionate minds to add to our crews. 

Our CEO not only teaches a majority of the certifications you will need, but also prioritizes on the job learning to fully develop our employees, making sure they are set out to become the best of the best in this competitive, unregulated profession. 

If you love the idea of a rewarding, physical, tree-centric career then Safe Tree Ltd. might be a great fit for you. We always come back to our roots and remember that trees are an important part of life. Not only do we care about them, but we prioritize them and you; because trees are our passion and safety, our way of life.