Urban Forest Care Pty Ltd

At Urban Forest Care, we have built a reputation as a trusted quality tree care service company in the arboriculture industry. Providing our services to residential and commercial customers in Western Australia, we are committed to delivering exceptional tree services with a focus on tree retention and maximizing the benefits of our customers' trees.

Our team of dedicated experts takes pride in providing high-quality tree care solutions and expert advice to meet our customers' unique needs. By promoting best practices and informing our clients, we offer services that not only enhance tree health but also save money, reduce maintenance, and increase tree retention.

Urban Forest Care stands out by continuously striving to exceed customer expectations and investing in the continual development of our people to provide the best service to our customers. Our broad range of arboricultural services with a friendly and knowledgeable team, and we are committed to delivering outstanding results on every project.

Located in Fremantle, Western Australia, we are a climbing-centric company that values quality over quantity. Unlike tree lopping services, we take our time to ensure the best service possible, providing expert care for trees in both residential and commercial settings.

Our company culture is built on support, growth, and inclusivity. We prioritise upskilling our team members to maintain a knowledgeable workforce that stays at the forefront of the arboricultural industry. We encourage diversity, and as an accredited sponsor, have a team of arborists from both around the world and around the corner. 

At Urban Forest Care, we believe that trees play a vital role in enhancing our community's well-being and environmental sustainability. Whether it's a single tree or a full-scale property management solution, we approach each project with passion and dedication. By using the latest techniques and modern equipment, we continuously strive to set the standard for quality tree care services in Western Australia.