Heritage Tree Service

Heritage Tree Service is a full-service arborist company. We offer expertise in tree pruning, tree removals, stump removal, planting trees & hedges, and consulting. Our services include Certified Arborist reports for homeowners within the metro area, as well as real estate consultation for commercial properties. When you choose Heritage Tree Service in Greater Vancouver you can be confident that we'll complete your task to the utmost perfection with an eye for safety and attention to detail.

Top Arborist & Tree Surgeon Services in Greater Vancouver, BC

As a Proud Member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) you can trust the team at Heritage Tree Service for exceptional service. We use industry-recognized courses of action to make sure each project goes off without a hitch.

Tree Pruning by Certified Arborists

Although we focus on both Commercial and Residential work, we specialize in large-scale projects from property line to property line. As a leading arborist in Greater Vancouver, we work with both business and residential customers to maintain their property.

Proper Tree Pruning is Essential

Perhaps the most important arboricultural service Heritage Tree Service provides is proper tree pruning techniques. When trees are properly maintained they can make a world of difference for your home or business. At HTS, our arborists know how to prune trees for strength and flexibility without compromising the long-term integrity of your property.

Tree Planting & Transplanting Services

More than just Arborist services, Heritage Tree Service also offers professional land clearing and planting services. We work with business owners, homeowner associations, government agencies and alike on landscaping projects. All of our work is done with the utmost safety in mind.

Tree Removal

At Heritage Tree Service, tree removals are no problem. We understand how important trees are to your property; they provide shade, act as windbreaks, keep noise levels down and even help with erosion. When it's time to remove a tree, we'll take the utmost care to complete the task quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to surrounding structures.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

When you've decided that you need your stumps removed, give Heritage Tree Service a call. We provide fast, cheap solutions to the problem of unsightly stumps. By removing them, we can help you regain full use of your property.

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At Heritage Tree Service, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We offer our customers competitive pricing with exceptional service. With more than 10 years of experience in Vancouver, British Columbia, you know that when you work with HTS you're getting the absolute best quality at a great price.

For more information about our arborist services or to schedule a free consultation, visit the Heritage Tree Service website, or call Sam at (604) 762-6538 today!