Diamond Head Tree Care Ltd.

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

Diamond Head Tree Care Ltd. provides all aspects of arboriculture and tree care from pruning and root excavation to whole tree removals, replanting and management planning. Our collective knowledge and know-how of tree mechanics and tree health is equally informed by professional and operational staff with the goal to provide clients with a singular service for all arboriculture and tree care needs. Our team consists of ISA Certified Arborists and ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessors trained in spur-less climbing techniques (to preserve tree health and aesthetics), committed to using the most current industry best management practices. Beyond tree care services, we offer the development of comprehensive and strategic, multi-year Tree Management Plans, designed to consider and address longer-term risk, health and aesthetic objectives.

Key Services

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Tree Removal 
Structural Pruning
Aerial Inspections
Tree Planting and Relocation
Deep Root Fertilizer Injection
Root Zone Aeration